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"Come together, eat Nigerian, leave with memories"

Travelling Dishes from Aunty Dupe's Buka showcases Nigerian cuisine in new and exciting ways. Brought to you by Chef Dupe of Aunty Dupe’s Buka, the aim of Travelling Dishes is to bring Nigerian food to the forefront while shifting misconceptions that Nigerian food is only for Nigerians. Nigerian cuisine is so unique in flavor, texture and aroma, that it's truly something special to share with the world. With a focus on locally-sourced products and ingredients, Travelling Dishes creates opportunities to experience a taste of Nigeria through food tasting events, private party catering, and online food delivery services. No matter the occasion, let Travelling Dishes introduce you to redefined Nigerian cuisine. Our motto is simple; come together, eat Nigerian, leave with memories!

About The Chef

Aunty Dupe's Buka

Dupe Adedeji is a self-taught chef and food personality best known by her social media handle “Aunty Dupe’s Buka”. Originally born in Nigeria and a lover of Nigerian street  food a.k.a buka food, Dupe enjoys sharing her culture through food from her childhood. As a passionate cook, visual artist and "hostess with the mostest", she has merged her three loves to bring you fun and exciting dishes within a unique atmosphere. She aims to create unforgettable dining experiences for guests and private clients by bringing Nigerian street food indoors!

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