Impress your guests by treating them to an unforgettable dinning experience featuring delicious Nigerian food! 

**Minimum party size of 10 guests  required to book**


The only word I can say about the chicken pepper soup is luxury. All ingredients and spices are well-balanced. Travelling Dishes did not come here for jokes!


Travelling Dishes Zobo drink is one with a difference. I have tasted a lot back home, but this has some added class to it.


Dupe and Seun Exceeded my expectations with very delicious private dining experience. Each item on the table was carefully prepared with an aroma of spices anyone would enjoy. The customer service and pre-planning were very straightforward. It was very easy to select a variety of dishes and make substitutions as needed. I would highly recommend Travelling Dishes to anyone looking to taste the finest Nigerian delicacies with a unique twist. #BukaExperience


As expected, everything was fantastic! The food was delicious and the Agege bread was exquisite. The aroma, the set-up, everything, they take me back home.


Travelling Dishes exceeded my expectations!

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