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Edmonton Meal Delivery

Please read this FAQ before placing your order
Items listed here are for delivery within Edmonton and its immediate surroundings
*Please note that we do not do same day deliveries. Order by 10pm for next day delivery (5-8pm on weekdays, 12-5pm on weekends)*
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Meal Plan Bundle

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Product Details

Plan your meal by bundling up a selection of our dishes. More food options, same budget. Making it easier for you to get more bang for your buck! Perfect choice for students, working professionals or busy families.

Main (Tray): 8 servings

Jollof Rice

Fried Rice

Rice and Beans

Beans Porridge


Plantain (3 servings)

Moin Moin (Bean Cakes, 6)


Peppered Chicken (8 pcs)

Grilled Tilapia Fish (3 whole pcs)

Soups (Beef, Assorted Meats or Fish, 1.25 L): 4 servings


Obe Ata

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